The Team

Meet The Chaplains!




Executive Leaders of LOGOS


Victoria Tebrake

“I do believe that campus ministry is important to the holistic being of a young adult because I think of the impact that it has had on me – that safe space to grow is given in the programs run by LCC. This highlights one of the continuing themes that LCC has been exploring on campus: creating safe community, and to share our lives together.”




Kim Cruz

“I have always felt a sense of community and openness in which my opinions can be understood, welcomed, and respected. LOGOS has allowed me to foster my faith on campus and through this club, I’ve been able to connect with other students on campus and feel a sense of belongingness.”



Zoe Zhong

“This group has allowed me the opportunity to connect with people who come from a similar faith walk but also those who might just be exploring it for the first time. The love I have been extended during this time is invaluable to a student living on a busy campus.”


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Events and Community Co-ordinator
Sebastian Maldonado

“Before anything else, we wanted to let you know that we are so privileged to have you as part of our community. You have been an integral part what God is doing in the the lives of many at York University.”